Building Agency Relationships that Benefit Canadian Families.

Family Service Canada helps build healthy and resilient families across the country.

To support families, we need to understand the growing complexity of the challenges they’re facing. As individuals, we lead organizations that deliver direct service to clients, and our knowledge is built through the reality we see every day.

As a national network, we deepen our understanding through the diverse knowledge, experience, and insight of our peers. Our collaborative approach benefits each of the organizations we lead. It can

  • confirm or challenge our assumptions;
  • fill gaps in our knowledge or understanding;
  • compare existing supports to families to identify which are working well;
  • help us anticipate and avoid setbacks previously encountered by other members;
  • accelerate innovation by piggybacking on existing work; and
  • foster jointly developed solutions, reducing the risk and cost carried by each agency.

Efficient and effective services are key to building healthy and resilient families. By working together and leveraging the wisdom of our peers, we’re better equipped to identify trends and opportunities, adapt, and respond sooner than when we try to go it alone.

Our Theory of Change maps out how we believe good agency relationships lead to healthier Canadian families. You can read our Theory of Change here.

The ability to bounce back from stress or adversity. It’s a skill we can all learn and sharpen.

More than Vulnerable Families

Building healthy and resilient Canadians is about more than helping those that are vulnerable. Poverty, family violence, addiction, mental health, racism, and exclusion all carry high costs to governments, businesses, and the economy. These issues hinder every Canadian’s well-being and opportunity, even if they never face these challenges directly.

By supporting families to overcome the challenges they face, we’re building a more prosperous country for all Canadians.

Share your knowledge to help us understand the issues facing Canadian families!

We’ll do the same for you.