Three Tiers of Membership

Family Service Canada has three categories of membership available. Each one is best suited to a particular type of organization and has a distinct level of participation and benefits. Click through the tabs below for more information about each membership tier.

If you’re interested in joining Family Service Canada, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You’ll also find the form on our contact page.

This level of membership is available to agencies across Canada that provide direct community social services. Most of our members fit into this category. The membership year is from April 1 to March 31. Dues range from $470 up to $3,500 and are based on your agency’s annual operating budget.

As a principal member, you and your organization will benefit from your peers’ shared knowledge and experience. You will also contribute to the social service sector’s growth by sharing your expertise and experiences with your colleagues.

Benefits of Principal Membership

Networking Open the door to new relationships with a diverse group of colleagues across Canada. Each of us brings different skills and perspectives, but we all lead family-serving agencies. You can gain relevant and ongoing opportunities for inspiration, idea-sharing, and problem-solving.
No more working in isolation More than networking, membership with Family Service Canada can help you create deeper connections with other Executive Directors. We can support you and help boost your confidence when challenges arise in your organization.
Nationwide communication Gain access to online, interactive communication tools, including a member-only resource library and a private LinkedIn group. We’re always working to create opportunities for members to share ideas, identify emerging issues, and participate in ongoing dialogue about current challenges with colleagues in other parts of Canada.
National Perspective Many of our members have noticed changes often appear in one region before trending across the country. Collaborating with agencies in other parts of the country can help you prepare for growing issues. Applying what others have learned can help you address challenges at your local or regional level.
Support for New or Upcoming Leaders Each of us who is an executive director or CEO knows the excitement and the challenge of stepping into that role for the first time. Membership can help you connect with seasoned leaders of community-based social service agencies who can offer experience, guidance, and other useful insights.
Community of Learning Our annual Community of Learning provides for in-person interactions, learning opportunities, dialogues, leadership training for up and coming staff, and information sharing. Members benefit from one free seat at the conference, making it easier to bring your second in command or your successor.
Governance Experience Members can serve on the board of Family Service Canada and gain a wealth of governance experience through leadership on a national board. Interested members stand for election at the Annual General Meeting, held each autumn.
Voting Rights Principal membership comes with full voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting. Claim your voice in the strategic directions of Family Service Canada to ensure it continues to meet your needs and remains relevant to your organization’s work.
Share Job Postings Access new circles of talent. Let your colleagues know about job opportunities in your agency through our job post distribution system.
Consideration to be an FSEAP provider Members can apply for consideration to become FSEAP providers in their area. There are specific criteria that need to be met. More details are available by contacting
Rights to use the FSC Logo Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in the sector. Use of the FSC logo in your print or online materials can signal to funders or governments, your commitment to working closely with others to improve client service.

The Supporting Membership tier is most suitable for organizations such as provincial and national organizations or those from outside the sector with collaborative interests. Dues are $500 per year.

This level of membership could be for you if your organization

  1. works with or supports community-based social service agencies;
  2. supports the goals of Family Service Canada; and
  3. your work helps us further our mission.

A Supporting Membership provides opportunities to participate in dialogue with members. Through those conversations, you can gain insight into the opportunities and challenges faced by agencies in the sector. You can also provide your perspective and help shape the future of community-based social services in Canada.

Our third membership tier is the Honourary Membership. It’s our way to recognize individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the sector or other collaborative interests with Family Service Canada. This level of membership is by invitation only, and there are no fees.

Honourary Members receive acknowledgement on our website, and we welcome them to participate in conversations with other members. We will benefit from your perspective and experience.

What our Members Say

I love FSC. The networking, comradery, and intelligence of the members have supported me in making good decisions and positively impacting children and families in our Edmonton community.
Pauline Smale, CEO, The Family Centre of Northern Alberta
Our membership in Family Service Canada has been invaluable. From the leadership development and connection to learning about initiatives across the country to sharing information and intel about granting opportunities, policy and government relations.
Trish St. Onge, Executive Director, CFS Saskatoon
Being a member of Family Service Canada has greatly enriched my network of professional connections providing leaders to seek advice from, to learn from and to get support when it is needed. Our Community of Learning initiatives have influenced our local strategies and provided great insights and solid examples of successful service delivery models.
Deirdre Speers, Executive Director, Family Services Ottawa
It is truly wonderful to belong to an organization like FSC! Here leaders come together in a spirit of generously sharing their experiences and expertise, all in the service of a common goal to provide exemplary supports to families in need of assistance.
Dr. Troy Davies, CEO, Catholic Social Services
In my experience, FSC has felt like being part of one big family. I’ve appreciated
  • being able to connect, share, ask for advice and give advice concerning all the good and less good things that happen in our field of work
  • knowing that whatever happens, there is always a “colleague” to listen and help
  • experiencing continuous enrichment through COLs and meetings
Leentje Deleuil, Executive Director, Family Enrichment and Counselling Service, Inc.
Family Service Canada and the network of agencies across the country have been instrumental to me as a community organization leader here in Saint John, New Brunswick. Connecting with like organizations, hearing about tried and true programs and different funding opportunities, and the training and professional development I've attained were invaluable. Within the network, I've felt very comfortable reaching out to my colleagues when I needed a policy, a template, or just to debrief or chat; these professionals were only an email or phone call away.
Heather Maughan, Executive Director, Family Plus / Life Solutions, Inc.
It isn’t easy to put into a few words the benefits that Family Services of Peel has gained over the years as a Family Service Canada member. The collective experience, knowledge and intuitive understanding of the issues NGO’s face are shared openly; after all, who wants to continually spend their time reinventing the wheel. It’s great having an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience you can tap into.
Chuck MacLean, Executive Director, Family Services of Peel
The opportunity to work with other family service agency leaders across the country is invaluable. Family Service Canada gives me immediate access to a network of dynamic professionals who share my commitment to supporting families by providing quality programs.
Joyce Zuk, Executive Director, Family Services Windsor-Essex
Our organization has benefitted and grown immensely from being a Family Service Canada member through the shared learning and collaboration of programs and ideas! As an Executive Director, I look to FSC for valuable insight into trends impacting our sector and potential areas of program enhancement!
Nancy MacDonald, Executive Director, Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia

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