2023 Community of Learning Conference

October 4 & 5 in Saint John, New Brunswick

Connection: With each other, for each other, and with ourselves

Connection is at the core of what we do. It is crucial in the lives and relationships of the individuals and families we serve and our relationships with peers and colleagues. While this has always been true, attention to connection is especially important as we revisit how we work with each other and our communities since Covid.

This year’s COL focus on connection is based on conversations during the last Community of Learning (COL) and Board discussions since. The intent is to help build connections within our organizations, amplifying capacity and mission achievement across the family service system.

Watch for future updates with details about this year’s speakers.


The 2023 COL is a private event. An email with the registration link will be sent to Family Service Canada members and guests invited by Family Service Canada.

Attend the Annual Community of Learning Conference

Community of Learners is a group of people who share values and beliefs and actively learn from one another.

The Family Service Canada community is interdependent. Each of us is responsible for receiving and sharing resources and points of view while sustaining a mutually respectful environment.

Technology makes it possible to connect across distances and throughout the year, but in-person connection is essential. Our annual Community of Learning Conference provides that connection and supports our development of trust and relationships.

Every year, one member hosts the conference—welcoming conference attendees to their city or town.

The Community of Learning Conference is Different Every Year

We build our conferences around a theme or prevalent issue. Agencies or subject matter experts facilitate learning sessions and lead discussions. In the past, content shared at the conference has included

  • Practical learning around essential non-profit functions like fund development or governance.
  • New initiatives like multi-agency collaborations.
  • Service opportunities like the F&ST program or different approaches to single-session counselling.
  • New research in areas like neuroscience and brain development that impacts how we serve families.

Every conference also includes ample opportunity to connect in smaller groups. Whether you want to discuss a specific issue or relax in your peers’ company, you’ll find it.

Dinner, drinks, and opportunities to experience some of what the host city offers are just some of the other aspects of the conference.