Save the Date:

October 25 – 27, 2022

In Vancouver

2022 Community of Learning

Resilient Leadership:

You can do what you love and still be tired

Mark October 25 – 27, 2022, in your calendar and join us in Vancouver!

We’ll connect for an evening Wine and Cheese on October 25, followed by the 2022 Community of Learning Conference on October 26 & 27.


Attend the Annual Community of Learning Conference

Community of Learners is a group of people who share values and beliefs and actively learn from one another.

The Family Service Canada community is interdependent. Each of us is responsible for receiving and sharing resources and points of view while sustaining a mutually respectful environment.

Technology makes it possible to connect across distances and throughout the year, but in-person connection is essential. Our annual Community of Learning Conference provides that connection and supports our development of trust and relationships.

Every year, one member hosts the conference—welcoming conference attendees to their city or town.

The Community of Learning Conference is Different Every Year

We build our conferences around a theme or prevalent issue. Agencies or subject matter experts facilitate learning sessions and lead discussions. In the past, content shared at the conference has included

  • Practical learning around essential non-profit functions like fund development or governance.
  • New initiatives like multi-agency collaborations.
  • Service opportunities like the F&ST program or different approaches to single-session counselling.
  • New research in areas like neuroscience and brain development that impacts how we serve families.

Every conference also includes ample opportunity to connect in smaller groups. Whether you want to discuss a specific issue or relax in your peers’ company, you’ll find it.

Dinner, drinks, and opportunities to experience some of what the host city offers are just some of the other aspects of the conference.

The Conference is Open to Non-Members

The Community of Learning Conference is a Family Service Canada offering that is open to members and non-members alike. If you’re interested in the theme or topic, you’ll find valuable information and discussion. We’ll also benefit from hearing your perspective.

If you’re considering membership, attending the conference is a great way to meet current members and experience our community.

Our next conference will be in October 2020. The event will be virtual to protect everyone’s health. We hope to return to an in-person event early next year in Vancouver.