Building Healthy and Resilient Families Through Agency Connections

If we nurture and facilitate trusting relationships, shared learning and system leadership, we expect that leaders will be more informed, engaged and connected, and that capacity and mission achievement will be amplified in organizations and across the family service system, so that together we can build healthy and resilient families.


Network Development

Family Service Canada builds a network of trusting relationships from which shared learning and system leadership can grow.

Shared Learning

Family Service Canada facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experiences, expertise, and best practices through:

  • Shared information portal/database
  • Regional meetings
  • One-on-one in-person or virtual meetings of members
  • Mentorship relationships
  • Annual reports
  • Community of Learning Conference

System Leadership

Family Service Canada enables system leadership through:

  • Acting as ambassadors for families
  • Developing a shared voice
  • Taking collective action on key issues and opportunities
  • Attracting support and resources for the system


Informed, Engaged & Connected Leadership

Family Service Canada supports, develops, empowers, and inspires the leadership of family service agencies by weaving a network of trusting relationships and facilitating the sharing of learning, resources and insights between members.

Strengthened Individual & System Capacity & Impact

Family Service Canada builds the capacity of member agencies to individually achieve their missions and collectively support the wellbeing, health, and resiliency of families across Canada.

Intended Impact

Healthy and resilient families.

Share your knowledge to help us understand the issues facing Canadian families!

We’ll do the same for you.